Little Marrakech

Cafe & Restaurant


Moroccan Mezze ( For 2 people )

Chefs selection of hors d’ouvres: humus, grilled crushed aubergines, diced bell peppers, filo prawns, saffron marinated potatoes & carrots, Taboulet, beetroot, grilled merguez (spicy sausages) & Moroccan bread.

Harira Soup

Traditional Moroccan vegetable soup served with dates


Homemade fresh humus served with grilled Moroccan bread

Zaalouk Jamai

Char grilled aubergines with lemon comfit, coriander, cumin, tomatoes served on Moroccan bread & salad garnish

Taktouka salad ( Red Peppers)

Grilled and peeled diced bell peppers sautéed with Moroccan virgin oil and little Marrakech spices on Moroccan bread & salad garnish

Medina Merguez

Home made spicy sausages grilled and served on a bed of rocket salad and shaved Parmesan cheese

Sardines Charmoula

Fresh butterfly sardines with Charmoula

* pan fried and served on lightly spiced tomato sauce

Mushrooms el Bahia

Oven baked mushrooms stuffed with Moroccan goat cheese, fresh rocket salad and basil dressing

Jben Romi (camembert)

Deep fried Camembert served with pineapple and cranberry

Calamari larache

Pan fried marinated calamari served with light Moroccan lime, garlic and herb sauce

Trio of Briwatts

Trio of home made Moroccan filo pastry filled differently with layers of (1) corn fed chicken, (2) spiced mince meat & (3) Feta cheese and spinach served with Moroccan mango chutney

Little Marrakech Shladda

Fresh layers of avocado, mozzarella, beef tomato and basil dressing

Cornets of salmon

Scottish smoked salmon rolled with prawns served with rosemary sauce and salad garnish

Tangier King Scallops

Fresh king scallops marinated grilled and served with light garlic Portobello mushrooms and herb sauce

Asilah King Prawns

Sautéed fresh king prawns with lime and chilli in spicy sauce