Little Marrakech

Cafe & Restaurant


Moroccan Mezze (2 persons) (V)

Humus, Chekchouka peppers, onions & tomatoes, marinated potatoes & carrots, tabouleh, beetroot, grilled Halloumi cheese & Moroccan bread (Vegan option Falafel)

Chef's soup of the day (V)

Served with Moroccan bread

Harira soup (V)

Traditional Moroccan vegetables soup

Humus (V)

Chickpeas puree, Tahini, extra virgin olive oil & toasted Moroccan bread

Zaalouk (V)

Roasted and crushed aubergines with cumin and coriander, served on Moroccan bread & salad garnish

Mashwiyya (V)

Slow cooked roasted peppers, coriander & tomato served with salad on grilled Moroccan bread

Veggie Briwatts (V)

Spinach & feta cheese in 2 filo pastries, salad & homemade mango chutney

Mushrooms Bahia (V)

Stuffed mushrooms with goat cheese, fresh rocket salad and light tomato & cheese sauce

Falafel (V)

chickpeas & broad beans croquettes served with Tahini dip bedded on a crispy salad & cherry tomatoes

Camembert (V)

Deep fried Camembert in breadcrumbs, pinapple chunks, cranberry sauce & crispy salad

Merguez (Spicy Sausages)

Chargrilled & served with salad, cherry tomatoes & chopped red onions drizzled with pesto dressing


Deep fried calamari strips in breadcrumbs served with homemade tartar sauce

Little Marrakech Salad (V)

Avocado, mozzarella, beef tomato, rocket salad & Moroccan olives

Sardines charmoula

Fresh sardines butterfly filled with Charmoula , pan-fried and served with salad garnish & grilled Moroccan bread


Marinated fresh scallops, grilled and served in light garlic and mushrooms sauce